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CEU Library Catalog

The New Follett Destiny Library Manager District Version - Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) lets our patrons search the Library's collection quickly and easily for over 116,940 titles and 127,822 Volumes of Books, 4,915 Volumes of Theses, 12,941 Volumes of Bound Periodicals and 899 Volumes of CD's on Manila Campus; 14,431 Titles and 14,576 Volumes of Books, 896 Volumes of Bound Periodicals and 82 Volumes of CD's on Malolos Campus; 1,351 Titles and 1,483 Volumes of Books and 10 Volumes of CD's on Makati-Gil Puyat Campus; 689 Titles and 689 Volumes of Books and 40 Volumes of CD's on Makati-Legapsi Campus. 

Other Library Catalogs

Connect to other University Library catalogs in the Mendiola Consortium and other libraries in the Philippines and around the world. 

Online Resources

Browse for the titles of online journals and newspapers to which the library subscribes or has free access on the Web. Other open-access online resources are also available on this page.


A subject bibliography designed to lead the user through the process of researching a specific topic, or any topic, in a given field or discipline, usually in a systematic step-by-step way, making use of the best finding tools the library has to offer.