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Emerald is a global publisher providing you with the highest quality, peer-reviewed research. With over 45 years' experience, Emerald manages a portfolio of nearly 300 journals.

Emerald eJournals Premier

Emerald eJournals Premier is our most comprehensive, cross-disciplinary journal database, featuring the latest peer-reviewed, international research in both established and emerging areas of interest.

Designed as our most unified content offering, eJournals Premier combines our Management Database and our Specialist Collections, providing the full breadth of Emerald's high quality publishing from leading researchers around the world.

  1. Accounting, Finance & Economics Collection
  2. Business, Management & Strategy Collection
  3. HR, Learning & Organization Studies Collection
  4. Information & Knowledge Management Collection
  5. Marketing Collection
  6. Operations, Logistics & Quality Collection
  7. Property Management & Built Environment Collection
  8. Public Policy & Environmental Management Collection
  9. Tourism & Hospitality Management Collection
  10. Education Collection
  11. Engineering Collection
  12. Health & Social Care Collection
  13. Library Studies Collection

Emerald eBook Series

Emerald eBook Series Collections bring together over 1,350 volumes and more than 140 book series in two key fields.

  1. Business, Management & Economics
  2. Social Sciences