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Enabling Patron Empowerment

Patrons can log in to Web Online Public Access Catalog (WEBOPAC) to view, print a list of their checkouts, fines, and holds. Place actual holds and reserves, or do both is not yet available.


Just click on my info buttons, type in your ID number which is the exact no in your Identification card with a dash (-) and also type in your Last Name as your password and then click ok. You may click the Log-out button as soon your done viewing you are information.


There's an inactivity timeout of five minutes to protect patrons privacy. This timeout is not configurable. WEBOPAC logs the patron out if there no activity (mouse movement or keyboard entry) on the Log-in. Patrons can log back in any number of times.

Using Internet Facilities in the Cybrary Units

Patrons are required to scan their IDs to read the barcode no. and type in their own password to Log-in, in order to monitor the five (5) hours free access per month per student. Free time not used in a month is considered void. Patrons can ask the staff to reset their password in case they forgot it. 

Borrowing and Returning Books 

Patrons only need to present their ID's to the Library Staff on duty at the circulation desk available in any unit of the CEU library upon borrowing of books likewise in returning just present the book borrowed.