Archives and Museum


The Archives and materials Development Unit is the repository of all historic documents and records pertaining to Centro Escolar University. The materials preserved range from the minutes of meetings, correspondences, memoranda, newspaper clippings, programs, reports and CEU graduate students’ masteral theses and doctoral dissertations These archival materials are systematically preserved in an air-conditioned room of the Archives and Materials Development Unit located at the ground floor of the Carmen de Luna which is open to researchers from Monday to Friday at designated hours.


Trophies and memorabilia of CEU Presidents such as pictures, diplomas, diaries and plaques. These are available for view and visit located at the 2nd floor, LAH Extension. Museum tours are requested by writing a letter addressed to Prof. Salvacion M. Arlante, Head of the Library Department and may be sent personally or via email [email protected].

For assistance, please contact: 
Tel. no. (632) 7359406 local no. 243
Telefax: (632) 7359406
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