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Computers in the Library

Centro Escolar University Library provide access to electronic resources available on-site and via the Internet in support of research and learning. For more details on the use of research workstations, please see Policies on the use of Internet and Online Database Services and Policies on the Use of the CEU Library Wireless Network Technology.


87 Internet workstations for Cybrary (64 computers), Graduate School Unit Library (4 computers), Medical Unit Library (8 computers), Senior High School Library (2 computers) and Dental Unit Library (9 computers).

12 Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) workstations deployed in all units of the library.

 14 Online Journals workstations equipped with editing tools and printing.
 4 periodical index (CDS/ISIS) deployed in all units of the library.
 Fully wireless networking capabilities
 Professionally trained staff and student assistants to assist with operational and application needs
 School hours access Monday - Saturday, 8:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m. 

Internet / Intranet Access for Laptops

The University Library is fully Wi-Fi capable and offers “Hotspots” (Internet wireless connectivity) in the following coverage areas in the CDL building;

           1.  Library Department

a.    Circulation Unit (CDL 1st floor)

b.    Senior High School Library (CDL 1st floor)

c.    Undergraduate Research Collection (CDL Mezzanine)

d.    Graduate School Unit Library (CDL Mezzanine)

e.    Reference and Information Unit (LAH Extension 2nd floor)

f.     Filipiniana / Science Unit (LAH 2nd floor)

g.    Medical Unit Library (LAH 2nd floor)

h.    Dental Unit Library (Dent/Sci. Bldg. 3rd floor)

           2SDV Lanai

a.    Reading Areas

b.    Carmen De Luna Monument & Mini Park

                3.  VP for Academic Affairs Office

Other CEU hotspots

1.       SDV Lanai

2.       DCT Lanai

3.       North Quadrangle

4.       Library Department

5.   DentSci Lanai