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CEU Library

The University Library in Mendiola, Manila is an integral part of the educational facilities of CEU. The resources consist of PRINT, NON PRINT collection and ELECTRONIC materials. Print materials are composed of volumes of books supplemented with foreign and local periodical titles received through subscriptions, gifts and exchange. Non print materials include online databases (online eJournals and eBooks). Internet facilities are available for electronic resources and online subscriptions to professional journals.  

The following are installed in the different units of the library:

1. Online databases are available at the Periodicals Unit, Reference and Information Unit, Medical Unit Library, Graduate School Unit Library and Dental Unit Library.

2. Internet facilities - available at the Cybrary (Internet Room), Medical Unit Library, Graduate School Unit Library and Dental Unit Library.

3. Microfilms of selected local newspapers and magazines available at the Periodicals Unit.

4. Online subscriptions to professional journals available online on the web site.

5. Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) database for books accessible in all library units, CEU Intranet and Internet.

6. Periodical Index database - available at the Periodicals Unit and Reference and Information Unit.

The University Library is located on the first, mezzanine and second floors of the Carmen De Luna Hall (CDL), and on the second Floor of the Librada Avelino Hall (LAH). The Dental Unit Library is situated on the third floor of Dent/Science Building. 


The Library's unique and vital role is to contribute to the operationalization of the University's mission of generating and disseminating knowledge through teaching, learning, research, and extension service in an academic atmosphere conducive to character formation and values inculcation.  

The Library is an essential academic center that serves as a place of discovery, exchange and advancement of ideas through its commitment to accessing new information and archiving accumulated knowledge.

The members of the staff are dedicated to offering the highest level of service in responding to the information needs of its academic community and in helping users understand and effectively use new and traditional forms of information delivery.



Statement of Goals

  • To support the mission of teaching, research, and extension service of the University by developing strong information resources in various formats.

  • To select, organize, and provide broad and timely access to information resources wherever and whenever they are needed.

  • To promote the use of CEU library collections and other information resources by creating an environment that encourages learning through excellent service.

  • To preserve library materials and ensure their availability to current and future scholars.

  • To develop and maintain appropriate physical and technological infrastructures conducive to learning.

  • To recruit, hire, train and retrain qualified staff member who are committed to service, innovation, and communication.