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Online Reference Desk

Use your own GTalk (Google Talk), YM (Yahoo Messenger) and IM (Instant Messenger) to chat or make a free PC-to-PC call. 


You can also chat using the Windows Live Messenger just change the "Visitor" name to your name and enter 8 character you see then you can chat live to a reference librarian without downloading or opening your Windows Live Messenger


Yahoo Messenger (YM): ceulibrary


Goggle Talk (GTalk): ceulib 


Windows Live Messenger (IM): ceulib



Service Available: Monday-Saturday 9:00am - 5:00pm.

Send E-mail Inquiry

Send us your questions by e-mail. Library Staff will respond to your email as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.


Service Available: Anytime.

Call or Fax a Reference Librarian

You can call the Centro Escolar University Reference desk: (area code 632)


Trunklines : (632) 735-6861 to 71; (632) 736-8851-54

Local        : 243 (Library Office), 293 (Circulation Unit), 305 (Science Unit/Filipiniana Unit), 216 (Technical Services Unit), 311 (Graduate School Unit), 343 (Dental Library Unit)

Telefax     : (632) 735-9406


Service Available: Hours vary by desk.

Visit a Reference Desk

Feel free to come to our service desks and ask our reference staff for assistance. The Reference Unit is located at the 2nd floor of Librada Avelino Hall (LAH) Extension Building.


Service Available: Hours vary by desk.

Meet by appointment

Set an appointment with the librarian who specialized in your subject research on finding the best information sources.


Service Available: By appointment.


If all possible resources have been exhausted and the patrons wish to research in other libraries.

Related Services

Workshops and tutorials.

  • For General Inquiry and Error report or comment you can send e-mail or inform us thru online chat.